High Speed Doors

Within our company’s arsenal of doors designed to fit the demands of the commercial and residential marketplace, is the high speed door. To put it into perspective, a standard door exhibits an open rate of approximately 30 to 90 seconds. High speed breeds open within 10 to 15 seconds, ideal for satisfying the challenges posed by entrances with extreme operational demands.

From interior high-speed doors, which maximize efficiency and act as a partition between critical internal spaces, to exterior doors, which are crafted with the strength, security, and agility necessary to keep operations flowing smoothly, our high-speed products cater to a comprehensive range of environments. This includes cleanroom and controlled environments common in micro-mechanics, electronics, chemical, and pharmaceutical-based industries, which require protection from humidity, drafts, dirt particles, and extreme pressure drops.

For areas with heavy equipment and forklift traffic, rubber-based doors are composed of industrial-strength steel and a rubber curtain designed to withstand impact and boost productivity levels. If you’re operating a car dealership, warehouse, or equipment service facility, rapid roll doors feature pressure-resistant sealing for optimal temperature control, as well as sophisticated security technology to protect your business. Metal exterior doors also provide a secure and economical solution for your facility’s entryway.

Another high-speed option built to reduce construction costs, improve safety, maximize floor space, raise productivity output, and enhance time management, is our collection of machine guarding doors. Heavy-duty machine guarding doors reduce operator exposure to dangers posed by automation, such as weld spatter, while increasing the percentage of accessible floor space. Enjoy an array of cutting-edge technical components, including communication interfaces, safety switches, photoelectric reversal systems, and sophisticated variable-frequency drives.

In need of a high-speed cold storage door that can sustain safe temperature levels while weathering heavy daily traffic? Whether you’re looking to fashion your loading dock with a thermal barrier or you require a high-speed door equipped that can securely and reliably fasten a portable refrigerator truck, we have a selection of cold storage doors that conserve energy to maximize your bottom line.

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