Hormann Flexon


With a footprint that spans the globe, Hörmann Flexon’s leading presence in the building components industry can be attributed to their innovative collection of industrial, high speed, high performance doors. As a leading purveyor of high speed roll up doors, their quick acceleration technology optimizes workflow and has had revolutionary effects across an expansive range of industries.

The Hörmann name has grown to become commensurate with superior quality, manufacturing a broad selection of products covering industrial, commercial door, and residential applications. Serving customers in over 40 countries, Hörmann is currently operated by third and fourth generation family members of the company’s original founder. The company’s high-quality standards and superior design offerings have propelled the family-owned business into a global success, now harboring over 15 specialized production facilities.

Their continued pledge to provide unrivaled customer service, quality, and innovative products has led them to engineer doors that harmonize with their customers’ most pressing needs. Hörmann Flexon’s collection of architecturally-modern products are crafted to minimize energy consumption, provide the utmost dependability, strengthen the flow of materials, reduce maintenance expenditures, and enhance the overall well-being and safety of employees.

Their state-of-the-art collection of doors include The Speed-Guardian™ 4000 U security door, which is perfect for condominiums and automobile dealerships. With optimal insulation and an opening speed of nearly 80” per second, this high-speed door is instrumental in decreasing maintenance expenses and conserving energy. The Speed-Master® Series offers a selection of highly durable roll-up doors designed for mass transit garages and waste management facilities, sporting direct-drive motors, sectional panels, and guide tracks that are low-profile.

Also donning an estimated opening speed of 80” per second is The Speed-Commander™ 1400, ideal for interior environments where temperature control is required. This impressive product yields attractive energy savings and streamlines material handling for optimal efficiency.

Whether you’re in retail, clean rooms, automotive, food and beverage, cold storage, fire stations, transportation, parking, or the waste management industries, Hörmann offers superior designs, safety, and quality doors.

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