For a comprehensive selection of commercial operators, residential garage doors and openers, and commercial rolling, sectional, and fire doors, Raynor is revolutionizing their field with their fresh and innovative product offerings.

Why Raynor? Because they carry a robust line of commercial and residential products, and they expertly satisfy a full range of applications – which means you can minimize the time you invest in searching for products, reduce your paperwork, and above all, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a single supplier. Raynor’s dependability is undeniably addicting, as they pride themselves on delivering a high-quality product that can accommodate virtually any project or application.

Family owned and operated, Raynor first opened its doors in 1944, quickly becoming a pioneer in their field with the development of steel-based residential garage doors. Their TC Series™made waves in the industry, becoming the first commercial 3” thick door that boasted of being equipped with insulation and a fully thermal break. Additionally, the company was the first manufacturer to supply a warranty on the entire residential garage door system, and to date remains a leading provider of residential finger protected doors.

Raynor places a strong emphasis on quality distribution, expertly vetting and training our company, as one of their exclusive dealers, to specialize in the installation and servicing of their doors and operators. Because of this, you will not find their products in any retail chains or warehouses.

In their unrelenting pursuit to always be on the forefront of innovation, Raynor has amassed a collection of residential doors that are extremely versatile, high-quality, and are fitted with the technology needed to quench the needs of the modern user. Their four lines – Distinctions Series™, Innovations Series™, Traditions Series™, and Advantage Series™ – all come in an array of styles, materials, colors, and options that are both visually appealing and high performing.

Raynor’s reputation for crafting commercial sectional doors that are extremely durable and thermal efficient is evident in their expert construction and exceedingly high R-values. Choose from their ThermaSeal® Series, TC Series™, SteelForm™, and AlumaView™ collections.

Also available are Raynor’s RapidCoil™, DuraCoil™, DuraGrille™, DuraShutter™, FireCoil™, FireCurtain™, and FabriCoil™ series, comprised of commercial rolling, traffic, fire, grilles, shutters, and high performance doors. Their extensive selection of materials, slat types, counter shutters, and full line of rolling, fire, and traffic doors and grilles are built to operate at an optimal level even in the most taxing and volatile industrial environments.



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